Dear Friends of the Uptown Zine Shindig:

We're organizing another uptown zine and small press fair! May Day at Ding Dong will be held on May 1, 2010 from 1pm to 7pm at Ding Dong Lounge, 929 Columbus Avenue (between 105th and 106th).
This fair has a few different goals, so if your heart doesn't flutter at the word "zine," worry not:

- bringing together writers and illustrators of zines, books and other fine literary and artistic creations to share ideas and wares
- providing a forum for writers, artists and performers to present their work to the public
- gathering this community in upper Manhattan in order to serve a neighborhood that rarely sees the likes of zine and small fairs
- raising funds for future iterations of this fair through the sale of event-specific artwork (tshirts! posters!)

So, in short, this will be a fun day and we hope to see you! If you have questions, email dingdongtables at gmail and we'll write back!

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