For all of you who are spending the day with us on May 1st, here's an idea of what you can expect and when you can expect it. There will be a wonderful range of performers: book makers! book readers! poets! puppets! musicians! noise-makers of all kinds! Visit everyone's websites for more info and get excited!

1:00 Sam Cohen
1:20 Esther K Smith, Purgatory Pie Press
1:40 Steve Hann
2:00 Samantha Chanse
2:20 Sarah Dziedzic
2:40 Buzz Poole
3:00 Fiction Circus
3:40 Cassie J. Sneider
4:00 Oh be joyful
4:30 Ed Askew
5:00 C-Town
5:30 Phil and the Osophers
6:00 The March Fourth!
6:45 - Dimmer
7 - Jeffrey Lewis

In addition to these performers, we'll have some wonderful vendors representing small presses, book artists and craftspeople. Check out our list of Vendors & Attenders and come prepared to ask questions and support their work!

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  1. I probably can't do it this time, since I'm teaching most of Saturday, but I would love to participate in a future event.

    Christine Hamm